Monday, April 26, 2010

Em is 15. . . . . Holy Cow!!!

Wow, my baby is 15! She is leagal to go get
her driving permit. . . . but she hasn't had time to
study yet. One of these days, we will have to
take the time. . . she wants to drive so bad. I love this
picture of her. She doesn't let us take her picture
often and she is even smiling. . . . wow it does exsist. LOL.
She really does smile a lot she just doesn't let us catch it.


Brooke said...

Camie, these pictures of your family are great! I love the descriptions of each of your kids on the side. You have such sweet kids.

Tanya said...

I love this pic of Emylie!!!!

The Blairs said...

Holy Cow...Em is almost 16 :) Update your blog already! Do you even read this? Hope things are good for your family!