Sunday, November 23, 2008

My baby is five.


Joey turned 5 on the 21st. I can't believe my baby is 5. I don't know what I will do when he is school. He is my little buddy and goes everywhere with me. He is such a funny little kid and always keeps us laughing. He is always willing for hugs.

He loved the Wall-E movie, so we gave him a Wall-E party. Here is a picture of our Wall-E parade.

Happy Birthday Son!!!! We all love you soooo much!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

More Pictures.

New pictures of furbabies.

Emylie loved this car.

Day of Fun at Grandpa's Work.

A while ago we had a fun day at Grandpa's work. Here are just some fun pictures of the kids.

Halloween Fun

We started with pumkins and ended up with . . . . .

Trent's a Hero

The kids have a Stand and Shout assembly at the end of every month. Here they award a kid out of every class that has done something exceptional during the month. This month Trent got the "Hero" award. One of the kids in his class was cold and didn't have a coat. Trent had on a sweatshirt and a hoodie jacket, so he gave the kid his hoodie to wear during recess. His teacher noticed this and put Trent up for the award. Trent has always looked out for others and this makes me so proud of him.


I'm going to try to catch up with some pictures. This is Joey's first day of Preschool. . . . . he didn't want me to walk him into class. "I can go all by myself". Oh my baby boy!