Monday, July 20, 2009

More 4th of July pictures

4th of July

Fun @ John & Mechie's!!!




After. . . . .
Miranda came home and showered before I could get teh after picture. :)

T ball.

These kids are so funny to watch . . . . not a care in the world.

Awesome being on the same team with best bud Kort.

Baseball, Softball, and of course T ball

I'm so proud of Trent. He started out the year timid and afraid to swing the bat. . . . by the end of the year he was hitting it !! Yeah!!

His team took 4th in State. . . more that anyone thought they would go in the beginning. Nailbiting games and lots of nervous parents . . . . Holy Cow!!
He got the team ball of their last game for having such a good attitude.!!!

Holy Cow

Holy Cow!! I have been a bad blogger. so much to catch up on . . . . where to start????

Miranda's 6th grade graduation. . . . .

Good Friends!!

Bye Bye Elementary School!!