Saturday, March 13, 2010

Today is my sweet sweet Miranda's birthday. Even her special birthday, she is turning 13 on the 13th. She is now a teenager. She is such a beautiful young lady and with so much talent. She is an awesome dancer and is doing very well learning the violin. She is a sweet girl and is always so worried about others and wants to see them happy. She is such a good sister to all of her siblings and is always looking out for their safety and happiness. She is an awesome daughter and makes us so proud. She has high standards and never lets them waver. She has such a special spirit and is so close to our Heavenly Father. I know He also is so proud of her and who she is becoming. She loves doing girly things. . . .make up , hair and being pampered. She loves animals and little kids. (She really loves monkeys, hence our blog background :) ) Miranda we love you so much and hope you have the happiest day and year ever!!!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Beautiful Mountains

I love love love the mountains, I also love photography. These are some of my better pictures. My husband has them as his screensaver on his computer, and some of his co-workers asked him if I was a professional. That made me feel good.

Joey's 6th Birthday 11/21/2009

Is HE not the cutest guy ever!

His Darling Little Friends!!

We went to see Panyo. . . It was a hit!!


Miranda's first concert.
She is doing wonderfully, hardly ever hear a
screeeeeetch :)

In the fall, Scott and I went to Vegas for an ultrasound conference. We got to stay in the Bilagio (thanks work). The hotel was sooo beautiful. We visited the lions in one of the other hotels. . . yes that is a real life lion. They were magnficent. The girls got to stay with my grandma. This I think was the highlight as they had so much fun with their great-grandma and they all with cherish the memories with her.

Halloween 2009

Vampire (pretty cute one)
Robot (we had so many compliments on this costume)

One sweet little pink baby

A most beautiful witch

and a very scary spider :)

Emylie's cute puppy - INDI

Taryn playing softball last summer. We will be signing her up again in April for this year.

Joey's Preschool Graduation -
Look at my cute little man. . . he is growing up so fast. (of course this was last May)

Getting Caught Up!!

I promised a good friend that I would get caught up and stay caught up. Thank You good friend for helping realize that this is for my family and its history as much as for anything else. So I am just going to post some pictures and label them as I go. Once I get caught up, I really hope to keep going.

Dancing 2009, the girls did so good in their recital.