Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Silver Scholar Award

I'm so proud of Emylie!!!! She adjusted to Jr. High so well. She has been on the Honor Roll all year. The last 3 quarters she was on the High Honor Roll. She also received Outstanding in all of her classes in citizenship, which to me is just as important as her good grades. Good job Em, dad and I are so very proud of you!!!

Dance Festival

Today was the kids Dance Festival at School. I love this activity, it's so fun to watch the kids perform. They are always so proud of themselves. They have all done real well this year and I'm proud of each and everyone of them. I'm truely lucky to be the mom of such wonderful children!!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hope of America

Miranda was involved in Hope of America on the 29th. I love going to this. I really is quite awesome how they can pull 6000+ students from different school and pull this all off. I really left with such an appreciation of our country, those fighting for our safety, and those who came before making this country such a beautiful place to live. I'm really going to try and not take my freedom and this beautiful place we live for granted, but cherish it.

Pinewood Derby

We have a second place winner!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trent and his car (the phantom) won second place in the scouts pinewood derby. Scott says he really should have one first. I don't know who gets more excited at these things . . . the boys or the dads. lol.