Saturday, April 19, 2008

I've been Tagged
A. Attached or Single -Attached for 14 years!
B. Best Friend(s)- My husband, Scott.
C. Cake or Pie- Definitely Pie, Apple alamode or Fresh Strawberry.
D. Day of Choice- Any day that I get to spend most of it with my kids.
E. Essential Item- Crushed Ice - I'm hooked.
F. Flavor of Ice Cream- Burnt Almond Fudge
G. Gummy Bears or Worms-Bears.
H. Hometown- Good ole Pleasant Grove.
I. Indulgences- Long hot baths and Doves dark chocolate.
J. January or July- July.
K. Kids- 5 total. 3 beautiful girls and 2 splendid boys.
L. Last movie I saw in theatre- 21- just tonight infact.
M. Music(favorite)-This is a hard one, depends on my mood and what I'm doing. I like country in the car, soundtracks when I'm cleaning, and top 40 the rest of the time.
N. Number of siblings-2, one sister and one brother.
O. Orange or Apples- Oranges
P. Phobias or Fears-Snakes and being left alone (for a long period of time).
Q. Quote- One from one of my Grandma's stories, "It takes a heap o' livin in a house t' make it home" and one from a joyschool song - "Snuggle me warm"
R. Reason to smile-My childrens laughter, spring rain, and my friends.
S. Spring or Summer? Spring!!
T. Tag 4-All my misfit friends!!!
U. Unknown fact about me-This is hard, I'm pretty boring. In high school, I won compititions in Shorthand.
V. Vegetarian or oppressor of Animals- I'm not a vegetarian!!(Ditto Tanya)
W. Worst Habit- Picking my nails.
X-rays or Ultrasounds- Ultrasound (imagine that since that is my occupation)
Y. Your favorite Food- Salmon and Shrimp.
Z. Zodiac- Gemini.