Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Dance

We are all doing a Happy Dance weekend. Scott got a job. We have been out of work for about 5 months. I'm thrilled not only to have a job, but one that he is going to love. He will be working for Generations, which is a company that does genealogy. Anyone that knows Scott knows that he has a real passion for genealogy. He will love going to work each day. We have had so many blessings while he has been out of work and would like to Thank all our friends and family for all their support and love. Especially we want to Thank our Heavenly Father for helping us get through this time.

Since I am not yet used to doing this blogging thing, I have forgot to wish some people HAPPY BIRTHDAY to KOY, GRANDMA CONNIE, CHELSEY AND KADEN. I wish I had pictures of all of you to post, but just know that we love you all and wish you the best of years.


Haylie said...

Congrats to Scott...what a wonderful blessing!!!