Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fourteen years ago today I married my best friend, and we have become even better friends since. We have had our ups and downs but mostly ups. I'm so grateful for Scott and all he puts up from me. I remember the date where I started falling for him. It was a trip up the canyon on a Sunday afternoon. It was kind of a last minute thing and all we had in our apartments were mac and cheese and pumpkin choc. chip muffins. So that's what we ate. I was just getting over a very bad relationship and was just ready to take care of myself. I'm so glad that I put down my wall and let him get to know me. I'm so glad that he is my eternal companion. He is also the father of my precious children who are my world. I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving my greatest blessing which is my eternal family.


Wilky's said...

Happy Anniversary!

Jennifer (jkincolorado) said...

How sweet! Happy belated anniversary :)

Laura said...

Happy belated Anniversary.

Thanks for the blog invite. :)

Beautiful Family. :)