Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Birthday

I have been terrible at keeping up on the blog. Bad mom, Bad mom.
The twins celebrated their 10th birthday on April 13. I can not believe they are 10. We just had a couple in our ward have twins that are about 3 months old now, I remember our twins being that little like it was yesturday. The time has gone so fast.
Taryn is such a cutie. She was so quiet and so shy for the first 2/3 of her life, but the last couple years she has really come out of her shell. She is such a good girl and so pleasant to be around. She loves to laugh and has the cutest dimples. She also loves to dance, jumprobe and about anything there is to do outside. She's my little bug, loves to catch bugs, critters, and all sorts of things. Happy Birthday Taryn!!!!
Trent is our all around boy, loves sports, music, and video games. He loves adventure. He is now playing baseball and is likeing it so far. He loves to learn and is always telling us random trivia things and what he is learning. He fascinated with Science!!